March 2022

60017 6B33 Theale-Robeston passes Dr. Days Jn 11/03/22. [M Crew]

43158 43194 2C83 Cardiff Central-Taunton passes Dr. Days Junction 11/03/22. [M Crew]

37425 37218 5Z12 Burton Wetmore-Bristol Kingsland Road passes Dr. Days Junction 11/03/22. [M Crew]

60055 6Z50 Willesden-Machen at Filton Abbey Wood 15/03/22. [M Crew]

During the Society's Trip 573 66788 and 66738 were seen at Bardon Hill Quarry. [M Crew] On the same trip 43304 and 43378 passes Barton under Needwood with 1S41 Worcestershire Parkway - Newcastle. [M Crew] On the same day 60062 6M57 Lindsey-Kingsbury passes Barton under Needwood. [M Crew] Final Show at Bristol for DRS locos on rail tour stock , 37218 and 37425 pass Ashley Hill with 1336 Temple Meads- Burton Wetmore previous days Bolton trip, ECS on 13/03/22. [R Giles]