Trip Reports 2003

Trip reports of previous society trips can be found here to give an indication of the nature of the trips run by the society

Trip 359 Stafford Flyer

11th January 2003

A one day trip to Stafford visiting plant depots in the area and several hours on Stafford station.


Trip 360 Cheshire

15th February 2003

A one day trip to Cheshire, visiting industrial, plant and main line locations.


Trip 361 Leeds Flyer

15th March 2003

A one day trip to the Leeds area.


Trip 362 Easter Anglo - Scottish

18th-21st April 2003

A four day trip that visited BR, Industrial, Preservation & Plant sites in Cumbria, Ayrshire, Lanarkshire & Strathclyde


Trip 363 Crewe Works Open Day

31st May 2003

A one day visit to the open day at Crewe works and other locations in Crewe.


Trip 364 Dollands Moor

28th June 2003

A one day trip to the Channel tunnel and Ashford areas.


Trip 365 Doncaster Works Open Day

26th July 2003

A one day trip to visit the Works Open Day plus other sites in south Yorkshire.


Trip 366 Brighton

16th August 2003

A one day trip to view new 'Electrostar' EMUs at Brighton, also visited some plant locations in the area.


Trip 367 Teeside Industrial

27-28th September 2003

A two day weekend trip to visit predominately industrial locations on Teeside.


Trip 368 London Flyer

25th October 2003

A trip that allowed free time to do as you please in the city.


Trip 369 Class 168 Special

22nd November 2003

A one day visit to view Chiltern line locations from Birmingham to London.


Trip 370 Class 333 Special

13th December 2003

A one day trip to Leeds and Shipley to see Class 333 units.