Trip Reports 2010

Trip 438 Javelin Special

23rd January 2010

A one day flyer trip to Kent to see the new Class 395 Javelin units is service.


Trip 439 Doncaster Flyer

20th February 2010

A one day flyer trip with around 8 hours of free time at Doncaster.


Trip 440 Easter Anglia

2nd-5th April 2010

A four day trip visiting Industrial, Preserved & Plant sites in East Anglia.


Trip 441 London Flyer

22nd May 2010

A one day flyer trip with around 10 hours free time in the capital.


Trip 442 Class 350 Special

19th June 2010

A one day trip Crewe and Northampton areas to see as many of the new class 350 units as possible.


Trip 443 North West Plant

31st July 2010

A one day trip to the North West visiting several plant locations.


Trip 444 Buckinghamshire

14-15th August 2010

A two day trip that visiting Network Rail, Preservation site in the county.


Trip 445 Statfold Barn and Staffordshire

18th September 2010

A one day trip visiting the open day and industrial locations in Staffordshire.


Trip 446 Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway

16th October 2010

A full visit to all locations on the preserved railway.


Trip 447 Surrey

20th November 2010

A one day trip to industrial and preserved locations in the county.

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Trip 448 London Flyer

18th December 2010

A one day trip to the capital, very poor weather hampered sightings in the free time available.  

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