TRIP 490



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6367 at Lavrean

Barry 36 at Frenton Farm

1103 at Summercourt Scrapyard

J Spencerly Roanoke

97469 on the Helston Railway

The Old Coach House at Cadgwith.

All taken by Chris Weeks.


Items are gauge 4ft 8.5" unless otherwise stated.

* assumed

** Not seen by all.

Bridon, Bowling Green, near Bugle (visit).

Carriage: Metropolitan: (224) 8wl 8 compartment b/o.

Inspection of this vehicle shows it has rounded door tops, indicative of the Metropolitan Railway and 8 compartments. It was recorded as a GWR vehicle on trip 477, and the GWR may have owned it later as BP & GR bought some carriages from the Met c1915 - 1916.

With Thanks to the owner for his help.


Lavrean Cottage, Lavrean (visit).

Carriage: 6367 b/o.

With Thanks to the owner for our visit.

This carriage body was formerly located next to the one at Bowling Green (above) and was moved approx March 2013.

This was a 5 compartment wooden body carriage, the original operating company is undetermined at this stage.


Fenton Farm, Currian Vale (visit).

Carriage: Barry Rly: (38 later GWR 124) b/o.

With Thanks to D Owens for our visit.

This carriage had been previously thought to be Barry Rly 36 / GWR 409. The vehicle at Fenton Farm seemingly had 5 compartments, with one of them believed to be a guards compartment. Only numbers 37 (later GWR 119) and 38 had guards compartments. The number 4 was found as part of the number on a previous visit by a trip participant in 1996.


Garden next to Fenton Farm, Currian Vale (view).

Wagon: GWR: UID 'Mink A'.


Summercourt Scapyard, Summercourt (visit).

Gauge 1524mm: Steam: 1103 - LO 141/43 pvd with its tender ex p42.

There is also a Standard Gauge carriage, 4wl 4 compartment b/o on private land next to the scrapyard which we were refused permission to view on this occasion. No details are currently known, but it was moved to the site some years ago after being used as a house a few miles away for many years.

With Thanks to J Clayton for our visit.


Little Western Railway, Newquay (visit).

Gauge 7.25": Loco: HST style Mardyke Miniatures 4-4wPH of 1980 in blue/grey/yellow .

Carriages: There were two un-numbered blue and red carriages in service. The third was away for repair.

With Thanks to J Littlefield for our visit.


J Spenceley, Private Location (visit).

Gauge 1ft 11.5": Steam: Roanoke 0507 ST/2004 working.

Diesel: LOD 758221 - MR 8886/44.

Carriages: Two un-numbered, 1 in service.

Wagons: All un-numbered: 3 flat, 2 open.

With Thanks to J Spenceley for our visit.

The party enjoyed a ride on the line.


Helston Railway (visit).

On the old trackbed next to the car park.

Road/Rail: Ex- AP Webb: 051 970053-3 - O&K MH 4S 315053.


Prospidnick Halt.

Diesel: 11520 - RH 395305/56.

DMU: W50413, W56169.

NPCCS: Mk1: 94148 (86416 93416 95148).

Wagon: BR: 954353 ex GCR(N).

Small Permaquip trolley: RTU 6655.



Diesel: 97649 - RH 327974/54.

DMU: 59521.

Wagon: BR: 954673.

Trailer used with Road/Rail vehicles: Ex AP Webb: DK 56 - Railability.

Unknown Gauge: 4wl (unpowered) Wickham trailer.

2 plank open wagon b/o.


Truthall Bridge, current end of the line.

Trailer used with Road/Rail vehicles with added sides: Ex AP Webb: TR6 011283-7 - Railability.

With Thanks to B Barnes and Marcus for our visit.


The Coach House, Prazegooth Lane, Cadgwith (visit).

Carriage: Old Coach b/o.

Wagon: HENRIETTA - GWR outside framed Toad brake van b/o built between 1874 and 1882.

With Thanks to Paula & Paul McMinn for our visit.

The carriage was built by Brown, Marshalls & Co. prior to 1902, for export to Egypt as a verandah ended saloon. It returned to Swindon works after World War 1. It was moved along with the Brake Van to the site c1923 after being purchased for 25 by R A G Hannington, the then GWR Locomotive Works Manager. The carriage was originally inside the house and a film of its extraction is available on youtube.

Both vehicles are available for use as holiday accommodation.


The Lizard Lifeboat Station, Kilcobben Cove (view).

Electric Funicular: 8ft gauge: One un-numbered car/c1995.

Used by the RNLI to get to / from the lifeboat launching station.


Railway Cottage, Near Kuggar (view).

Carriage: GWR: UID 6wl 6 Compartment 3rd b/o.


Tremerlin, Kestle Barton, Helford (view).

Carriage: GER: 987 - 6wl 5 compartment 3rd b/o.


Larks Nest, Plot 118, Gwithiam Towans (view).

Carriage: GWR: UID 4wl 5 compartment b/o.


Macsalvers Yard, Pool (view).

NPCCS: SR PMV's: 1299 b/o, 2120 b/o.